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October 28 2014

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October 10 2014

Douglas Coupland: The 2½th Dimension - FT.com

There’s that rare moment we all know when we walk down a street and catch a glimpse of someone reflected in a window and we say to ourselves, “Why, what an attractive and likeable human being that is! Dang, I wish I looked like that!” … only to realise we were looking at our own reflection.

October 09 2014

The Elon Musk interview on Mars colonisation – Ross Andersen – Aeon

‘Fuck Earth!’ Elon Musk said to me, laughing. ‘Who cares about Earth?’ We were sitting in his cubicle, in the front corner of a large open-plan office at SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles. It was a sunny afternoon, a Thursday, one of three designated weekdays Musk spends at SpaceX.

Clarity, simplicity and a touch of (un)common sense.  — Where the Puck is Going.. — Medium

W+K Amsterdam Head of Planning Martin Weigel on the need for less fluff and the importance of a life outside advertising.“GIVE ME A COUPLE OF YEARS AND I WILL TURN ANYBODY INTO AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS”. I though of that quote while researching W+K Amsterdam Head of Planning, Martin Weigel.

A Rare Look at Apple's Design Genius Jony Ive — Vogue

How Apple’s under-the-radar design genius, Jonathan Ive, has found the way to our hearts. I first catch sight of Jony Ive across the Apple campus, in a plain Dodger-blue T-shirt and white painter’s pants, in conversation, nodding.

September 15 2014

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September 11 2014

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September 08 2014

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September 07 2014

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July 30 2014

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June 25 2014

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April 28 2014

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April 25 2014

April 24 2014

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